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Updated: Nov 25, 2021

The Food Store at St. Luke’s in Cockatoo has been open and operating for over two years now. And what timing! We have been able to assist hundreds of people struggling to make ends meet – before COVID19 and now during the pandemic. We offer free food to those in need, and have a wonderful variety of grocery items as well as fresh produce and bread, with our freezers stocked with meat and meals to give away. We have permission to continue to open during lockdown and we continue to do so, with strict check in, mask wearing (unless you have an exemption) and social distancing measures in place. We are open every Monday 10am – 2pm and at other times by arrangement. Please call us on 0422 737818 if you have any questions. Otherwise just show up on Monday – you will be assured a friendly face! It is ok to collect food for somebody else too. So if you, or someone you know is struggling – it might be a long term unemployment situation, battling to manage on the pension, or are just going through a rough patch – maybe work has dropped off and now all the bills come at once….we understand. We operate from generous donations from local businesses and the community, and are grateful to be supported by Food Bank Victoria, St. Luke’s Church and ECHO, as well as Oz Harvest, and Emerald Rotary Club.

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