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These are some of the services available, with more being planned in the future. Also have a look at the other ministries here.
Sunday Service

A Sunday morning service at St. Luke’s would be best described as relaxed and contemporary, welcoming to people from all walks of life, yet very purposeful in our worship of Jesus Christ our Lord. With modern music and a relaxed interactive style, it is accessible to those who have very little experience of church and to those who have been around for a while. The message of the cross of Christ is central to our worship and preaching, with an emphasis on helping all to walk closer with God.

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Sunday - Luke's Place
Youth Service

An exciting new service at St. Luke's focussed for the younger members of the congregation, led by the younger members, but not restricted to attendance by the younger members. Starting at 5:30pm with a hangout time, followed by a non traditional service then by sharing pizza afterwards for a chat/fellowship.

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​At St Luke’s, we practise the baptism of Infants in the Covenantal tradition as described through Scripture. Parents are encouraged to set their children apart in this way and as they come of age, their faith is expressed through confirmation. More and more we are seeing adults with very little Christian background come into a relationship with Jesus Christ. Adult believers' baptism is offered to people in this situation so they can freely and publicly express their desire to follow Jesus Christ.


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For any church to do anything at all, prayer must be at the very core. As followers of Jesus Christ, who specifically taught us how to pray, at St Luke’s we believe that prayer is at the heart of all we do. Once a month we have an all-in corporate prayer time at 8.00am on a Saturday morning, and prayer is a central part of our Life groups and all ministries that we run. Specific prayer for healing and crisis is also part of our ongoing pastoral commitment to our community.


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