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Event Planning at St. Luke's

As with any large organisation, we have specific requirements and responsibilities regarding Child Safety and Risk Management (OHS/WorkCover) when events are either held on our property or run as functions or events associated with St. Luke's off the property.

This includes such things as (but not restricted to) play groups, excursions with designated ministries (i.e. youth), running events such as a fete or car boot sale or in some cases, hiring of the premises.

There is a requirement that due consideration being given to things such as a risk management plan being undertaken, permission to proceed approval is applied for and given and there is an understanding/knowledge and compliance with our Child Safety Policy.

In order to assist in the safe management of an event or activity, a number of documents have been developed and processes put into place to ensure that due consideration of risks and approvals has been undertaken. The documents can either be accessed through the links below or via the files below.

Once your application to Proceed and Risk Management Template has been received at the Church Office, it will be reviewed by Parish Council and you will then be notified if approval has been granted or not. This may mean that short time frame applications cannot proceed.

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